Paul Forey is a musical engineer. He is a sound designer, producer, composer and programmer. He plays drums, keyboard and guitar, and messes around with Pure Data, Actionscript 3, Python and Linux. He’s into synthesis, rock’n'roll and indie game development.

A First class graduate of Coventry University’s Music Technology course, he is currently looking for Audio work, particularly in interactive mediums that will exploit his particular talents and passions, especially his knowledge of Pure Data and his passion for real-time synthesized audio in games. In his spare time he writes silly songs and plays keys in rock’n'roll band The Sizzling Gypsies.

This site functions as Paul’s online development blog as well as his portfolio. The various pages show some of the stuff he’s made and the blog concerns music, game development and programming audio.


e-mail: paul.forey AT runtime-audio.co.uk
linked-in: Paul Forey
twitter: @PaulForey
other: The OpenPandora and TIGSource forums, both under the alias PaulForey.

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