A banner, and a matter of self-motivation.

I’ve created a banner, oh wow!

All the shapes and thingies were made in Processing, the text is just a color-inverted screenshot of a Pure Data file I made for the purpose (it does of course still function as an actual audio patch, hitting the left button slowing increases the pitch of a saw wave, and the right button lowers it). The seperate images were loaded into GIMP and then I fooled around learning how to use transparency, mask layers and the move tool (surprisingly tricky, that one).

Of the second atom of the title, recently I’ve been impressed by my own tendencies to get stuff done. I have a university project in for tomorrow, and yet I mostly finished a few days ago and have just been doing a few touch-ups and getting my tutor to have a quick look at it. How will this responsibility last? We shall see.

I’m really enjoying learning Processing at the moment (I still think it’s a stupid name, though, ever tried googling for things related to it?) and I think I might use it to flesh out the character designs for my upcoming game. According to my timeplans, I should be working on designing and researching the game and the audio while working on some audio prototypes. So I’ll do that then (how responsible is that?).

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