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Back In Action.

Time for the completely regularly scheduled bi-annual update. After a very exciting summer working in Montreal with the great guys at Phosfiend Systems, I’m back in Coventry and looking for more audio projects to get my hands dirty with. I … Continue reading

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I can see a river from here!

I aluded, in an earlier post, to “scary plans for the summer”. I am in the midst, or the result, of those plans and am currently typing this from an apartment in Montreal. It’s very cool. A lot has happened … Continue reading

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Good Aural.

Well I’ve been a very happy bunny of late. My recently acquired list: Komplete 7 Alesis Q49 Macbook Tascam US-144mkII 4 Gigs of RAM (2 for my netbook, 2 for my desktop) I feel supe’d up and ready to go. … Continue reading

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Something I Just Wrote.

“A game is a set of rules. Video games use computer code to enforce these rules. Seeing a game or hearing a game is only seeing/hearing an engineered environment to represent those rules. You do not see the rules themselves. … Continue reading

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Drummin’ with Code.

More work has been happening on the on-going pygame project. You’d hope so, as the deadline draws ever nearer. I’m using these things called ‘colors’ now. Each level is meant to have a main one, a ‘theme’ if you will, … Continue reading

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Busy-ness Time.

I have been really busy recently, hence the lack of updates. I’ll try to skim through my recent history. TIGJam UK4 was excellent fun. Met some really cool people and made one very silly quiz game as well as lots … Continue reading

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Global Jam Game

I got back from Global Game Jam 2011 last night, and it was really great fun! I met some great guys, we made a pretty cool game (see here) and I created four tracks of music and about 15 sound … Continue reading

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It’s aloud!

A little bit more work has been done on the code, and I now have the game successfully talking, via OSC, to Pure-Data. What I need to do now is to create the library of pure-data patches required so that … Continue reading

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Triangle Core.

I am now finally happy with the collision detection in the thing resembling a game. The trick was to only check one axis at a time, something I gleamed from an online tutorial. Why didn’t anybody tell me this before? … Continue reading

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Today it’s been a diet of programming, Daft Punk and fine food and drink. I’m currently relaxing after dinner with a mediocre BBC sitcom and planning my 300EPA Essay. The work I did today was all about collision detection. I’ve … Continue reading

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