Back In Action.

Time for the completely regularly scheduled bi-annual update.

After a very exciting summer working in Montreal with the great guys at Phosfiend Systems, I’m back in Coventry and looking for more audio projects to get my hands dirty with.

I hope to write and post an in-depth explanation of my work on FRACT soon, but in the mean-time suffice it to say that I got to use Pure Data a whole lot and that the game’s audio is great to listen to, fun to play around with, and intrinsically linked to both the world and the player’s actions.

I’ve been playing around recently with the SiON library, which is a library for Actionscript 3 for synthesizing and programming audio on the fly. The documentation is pretty rough, and a lot of it is built around MML (Music Macro Language), which is much more popular in Japan than anywhere else, so again, the documentation is a little rough. However, I’ve got a project going using it, and hopefully we can see what the results are like before too long.

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