Busy-ness Time.

I have been really busy recently, hence the lack of updates.

I’ll try to skim through my recent history.

TIGJam UK4 was excellent fun. Met some really cool people and made one very silly quiz game as well as lots of music tracks. The game is of course pygame, and I’ll upload it shortly along with the music.

The Sizzling Gypsies have been being awesome. We’ve done a gig at The Kasbah and at a friend’s birthday party (which I also did the live sound for) and we spent a weekend recording 7 tracks, to make some sort of Demo/EP thing. We’re still mixing those, but we’re working on them!

I have spent a good amount of time on my project. Mostly just in the last couple of days. The results of which are this screenshot:


I know, right?

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