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Stuff to do with music. Funny that.

I can see a river from here!

I aluded, in an earlier post, to “scary plans for the summer”. I am in the midst, or the result, of those plans and am currently typing this from an apartment in Montreal. It’s very cool. A lot has happened … Continue reading

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Drummin’ with Code.

More work has been happening on the on-going pygame project. You’d hope so, as the deadline draws ever nearer. I’m using these things called ‘colors’ now. Each level is meant to have a main one, a ‘theme’ if you will, … Continue reading

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Triangle Core.

I am now finally happy with the collision detection in the thing resembling a game. The trick was to only check one axis at a time, something I gleamed from an online tutorial. Why didn’t anybody tell me this before? … Continue reading

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New Sound.

Not done a lot of programming today, I’ve instead been doing some music-y magic-y happy(-y?) stuff. A lot of the tracks weren’t so great, but one track was alright, and it’s now on the music page. It’s called ‘simpleBit’. That … Continue reading

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I spent this evening after band practice experimenting with some sounds in Propellerhead’s Record 1.5 and Reason 5.0. This resulted in a track called tenseToExciting (descriptive, eh?). It’s on my music page here. I might at some point do a … Continue reading

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