Drummin’ with Code.

More work has been happening on the on-going pygame project. You’d hope so, as the deadline draws ever nearer.

I’m using these things called ‘colors’ now. Each level is meant to have a main one, a ‘theme’ if you will, and this affects what colors the enemies, platforms and projectiles are. Fun. I’m thinking about maybe making the player and his shots be the color-wheel opposite of the current level’s theme. That should be fun to implement ;) Here are two screens:


Of course what you can’t see in these pictures are the sounds! The python code now fully calls up pure-data (extended, if you must know) on both Linux and Windows (although it rather crudely relies on default installation locations so I’ll probably have to sort that). There are currently zappy zappy pew pew sounds when the player fires, big whirry sounds when the levels are loading (those backgrounds take ages to paint, which is the next big programming hurdle apart from enemy AI) and a brand new pure-data drum machine makes noises once the level is loaded. Machine:


So that’s that, and I’ve also recorded an orchestra, mixed lots of Sizzling Gypsies tracks and started the write-up for the above big project.

Also, I may have scary plans for the summer.


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