Emoting with triangles.

A (somewhat) central idea behind my game is that simplistic graphics are a) easier to draw and b) easier to relate to. The human brain is a fantastic tool for applying emotions to things, and a big cheesy grin on just about anything can instantly make it humane.

I intend to utilise this within my game, as it makes my job easier (I’m not an artist by nature or trade) and arguably offers a more personal experience. When you have to ‘humanise’ an object yourself, you use elements of your own creativity and experiences and it becomes easier to care about the character. It’s the same concept as when reading a book, you give each character their own image and voice, only loosely based on the author’s own descriptions of such.

Or maybe only I do that. Until I saw the films, I always imagined Professor Snape from Harry Potter looked like Dr. Fred Edison from Day of the Tentacle.

I ramble. I’ve just spent a small amount of time in Processing on a idea I came up with a week ago which was “can I create a character purely from triangles?”

You tell me.


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