Global Jam Game

I got back from Global Game Jam 2011 last night, and it was really great fun!

I met some great guys, we made a pretty cool game (see here) and I created four tracks of music and about 15 sound effects for the guys. Of course due to time constraints and it not quite working as it should, only one of the tracks is in the game (the one labelled “atmospheric1″).

I’ve added two of the tracks to the music page on here, but there’s more information on the SoundCloud page.

I’ve got TIGJAM UK4 this weekend as well, which I’m really looking forward to.

Anyway, after a busy game-jamming weekend, a gig with The Sizzling Gypsies in the middle of it and no greater than 4 hours sleep a pop for the past 3 nights, I’m going to bed.

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