I can see a river from here!

I aluded, in an earlier post, to “scary plans for the summer”. I am in the midst, or the result, of those plans and am currently typing this from an apartment in Montreal. It’s very cool.

A lot has happened since my last update approximately forever ago, and I need to update pages accordingly.

I’ve graduated from University, won a award for Creative Excellence (the university’s Rolf Gehlhaar award), moved to Montreal for the summer, got to grips with Actionscript 3/Flashpunk via a great TIGJam in Bristol and figured out MilkyTracker properly. I’ve also eaten far too many hotdogs since arriving in Canada.

Of import, here’s a link to the cross-platform game I created for my dissertation. It’s a very simple, arcade-style game which relies purely upon it’s single gimmick*. It’s very short, requires three different pieces of software to be installed before it’ll run, and it doesn’t really work on Linux.

Sound good? The 3MB zip file is here.

The other pieces of software required are:

Read “00 Instructions.txt” inside the zip for full installation instructions. Let me know if there’s any problems, and enjoy!

*The gimmick is that it’s an Audio Game, not a Video Game. It’s all about your ears, not your eyes.

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