Size Matters.

I’ve arrived in Canada to spend Christmas with the parents.

Consequently, there is of course an update on my programming.

I’ve spent the evening editing what I’ll now start calling my pyGame Engine so that the window resolution can be scaled on the fly to any aspect ratio, and the game’s images will all redraw themselves as this happens.

This means that you can resize the window as much as you want, and it will not a) ‘stretch’ the images, or upscale them, or compress them. The sprites are just redrawn to fit the new screen size. Just like vector graphics, you could, technically speaking, make the screen as large as you want and the image will get bigger and bigger without loosing detail. b) affect the gameplay. It does this via resizing all the hit-boxes and etc. (and maybe eventually the speeds of the charactors) according to the new size. This does mean, however, that altering the aspect ratio will make the main charactor rather fatter than normal :P

Is this (fun to program) upgrade any use? I don’t know. It depends if you want to make my game’s visuals all go wierdly askew, or if you want to play the game on a monitor with a resolution of 2860×1280.

I might incorporate this into the game itself, so that different levels/obstacles or whatever change the screen. I think a trap of some kind which makes the window size smaller and smaller as you get closer to it would be hilarious.

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