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Emoting with triangles.

A (somewhat) central idea behind my game is that simplistic graphics are a) easier to draw and b) easier to relate to. The human brain is a fantastic tool for applying emotions to things, and a big cheesy grin on … Continue reading

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A banner, and a matter of self-motivation.

I’ve created a banner, oh wow! All the shapes and thingies were made in Processing, the text is just a color-inverted screenshot of a Pure Data file I made for the purpose (it does of course still function as an … Continue reading

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I made a thing!

Look at it go! This was created in Processing when I was messing around drawing circles. It’s not actually meant to do this. Ah well.

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The Day’s Activities.

It’s the government-sanctioned start of November! From here on out, it is officially on. Therefore I spent a good amount of hours this evening learning my way around Processing http://processing.org/, a simple Java-based language for creating images and animation through … Continue reading

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