The Day’s Activities.

It’s the government-sanctioned start of November!

From here on out, it is officially on.

Therefore I spent a good amount of hours this evening learning my way around Processing, a simple Java-based language for creating images and animation through code. It’s neat.

I made a gradienty triangle thing. Find it in the gallery section of the site. I haven’t made a gallery section yet, but I will do.

Also, late last night (read 4AM this morning) I discovered Invent With Python, an awesome site all about using Python and Pygame to make fun happen. My favourite part is the ‘Code Comments’ which are pieces of python code with an absolutely exhausting amount of documentation and comments so that the man behind the idea (Al Sweigart) can explain what is happening, what he is doing, and you can see it happen right in front of you. The Code Comments are available at his blog here

Isn’t this exciting?

-Paul Forey

P.S. If all goes well, this will have been posted via e-mail. A technological victory if I’ve ever had one.

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