Triangle Core.

I am now finally happy with the collision detection in the thing resembling a game.

The trick was to only check one axis at a time, something I gleamed from an online tutorial. Why didn’t anybody tell me this before? (I didn’t ask)

However, I then loaded up the game on my desktop machine for the first time in ages and woah did my CPU fry the physics. I’ve now got sensible FPS control, however, which means that everything is wonderful or something.

Here’s a screenshot. Obviously, I haven’t recently played Hero Core or anything, obviously.


I’m currently finding it depressing hilarious how the results I’m currently getting could probably have been in a 3 hour game making competition by a competent programmer. Speaking of which, I shall be appearing at two game jams shortly! On the weekend of Jan the 29th I’ll be at the Global Game Jam in Staffordshire (and performing at a gig that night). The weekend after that I’m at TIGJAM UK4. I thought that since I had never been to a game jam before to do two right next to each other.

Wish me luck!

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