This page chronicles the music I’ve made recently, particularly soundtrack-type pieces.

All tracks here are under a Creative Commons licence, so you can download them for free (click on the down arrow within the Soundcloud widget) and mess around with ‘em as much as you want. If you want the source files (usually Record or REAPER files) or multi-tracks then hit me up with an e-mail. The details of the licence are in the info tab of the widget. If you do create anything, let me know! Someone else making something from my work would be bonerific.

My SoundCloud profile page:

Tetris Fight Club (made for Alan Hazelden’sTetris Fight Club):

bgm-real (made for Meatball Transmission during TIGJam UK4):

bgm (cheesy silliness made for my TIGJam UK4 game, which was a quiz written in pygame):

Also from TIGJam UK4 is a piece of atmospheric music I made for this.

atmospheric3 (made for LifeLight during GGJ 2011):


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